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Sandra Crowe

A Real Life "Back Story"

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Main Event Schedule

Day One

Tristan Truscott

Finding the Formula for Healing

After a devastating back injury derailed his martial arts teaching career, Tristan Truscott tried it all, including a $90,000 failed surgery, before finally putting the pieces together.

In this inspiring interview, he shares the journey that led to his discovery of what he calls the "Mind-Body Magic" formula. Tristan takes us through this formula step-by-step.

Chances are you've tried many of the ingredients already, and will learn even more on this summit. Here you will learn how they blend together to create the perfect recipe for hope and healing.

Effortless Pain Relief

Bedridden by a crippling connective tissue disease for three years early in her academic career, Ingrid Bacci began an exploration of bodywork and mind-body techniques when convential medicane failed to help.

She describes how Sacral Cranial Therapy and mind-body techniques can bring effortless pain relief. Her story and outlook on how to approach your chronic pain challenge is inspirational and practical.

Dr. Bacci also takes us through her simple breathing exercise for effortlessly letting go of pain.

Dr. Ingrid Bacci

Day Two

Dr. David Berceli

Trauma Release Techniques

Could your back issue be related to trauma stored in your body? We all suffer physical and emotional traumas, which can range from small, seemingly insignificant injuries or emotional situations as a child, to severe, life-threatening events.

Dr. David Berceli shows us how this leads to back pain and other debilitating conditions, and how understanding this mechanism and learning to release these traumas is the key to long term healing.

Breaking the Cycle of Tension and Pain

Tension in your body can lead to altered movements that over time cause pain and restriction. The Alexander Technique is not a therapy but a way of "unlearning" inefficient movement habits and patterns so that your body can begin to function according to the way it was designed.

It's a simple way to learn to connect with your body by feeling and becoming aware of how you are using it for everyday tasks. Clear some space to lie down as noted Alexander teacher and trainer Richard Brennan takes you through a simple exercise for releasing pain and tension in your back.

Richard Brennan

Day Three

Jonathan Damonte

Flipping the Pain Switch

Using a series of light touch patterns to release tension, Bowen Therapy allows the body to naturally balance and re-align.

Jonathan Damonte is not only a widely respected teacher and practitioner of the Bowen Therapy, he is a classically trained homeopath.

In this interview, he discusses how both methods are complementary and recommends some simple homeopathic remedies that are effective for various types of pain.

Inner Awareness Method

As a doctor of physical therapy, Teresa Lynch was busily building her career at a prestigious university and starting a family when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This was her wake-up call, and led her to explore alternative solutions to dealing with this difficult condition.

She began to learn and understand the role of energy in healing, and has combined that with her background in physical therapy to acheive amazing results for herself and her clients. Her spirit and zest for her work shines through.

She leads us through a pain reduction process you don't want to miss.

Dr Teresa Lynch

Day Four

Dr. Norm Shealy

Beyond TENS  for Pain & Depression

Almost everyone with a chronic back pain condition has used a TENS device, or at least heard of it, thanks to Dr. Norm Shealy, who invented it decades ago. He continues to develop ways to use TENS and similar devices to treat chronic pain as well as the depression that so often accompanies it.

While there are many cheap imitations of the TENS, there is only one Dr. Shealy, and you'll reap the benefits of his decades of groundbreaking work in helping thousands of people to overcome debilitating pain.

Chasing the Pain with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

While chronic pain is certainly not "all in your head" that does't mean your mind does't play a huge role in keeping it alive.

EFT Master Karl Dawson co-developed the Matrix Reimprinting process which quickly gets to the subconscious memories that keep you stuck in chronic pain.

You'll experience a simple "chasing the pain" session that will not only demonstrate to you that this is so, but will also help reduce your pain.

Karl Dawson

Day Five

Alison Heath

Understanding Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation plays a major role in chronic pain issues. One of the most basic steps we can take to reduce it is to change what we are eating.

Alison Heath takes us step-by-step through a series of simple changes we can make to our diets that will produce long lasting results. Alison learned this information first hand as she recovered from a series of major health challenges.

Get out your shopping list and take notes, you'll find this information invaluable.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture has been widely accepted even in conventional medicine as an effective method for treating chronic pain. There's a lot more to it than needles, as Dr. Nan Lu explains.

Understood in the full context of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, it embodies a whole outlook of health and healing.

No one embodies this spirit more than Dr. Lu, one of the world's leading authorities on the subject.

Dr. Nan Lu

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The information presented in this event is intended for educational purposes only. It should not be taken as a substitute for properly informed medical advice. While many of the speakers presenting this information are licensed and certified in various disciplines, they and the information they provide cannot be construed as diagnosing or treating any health condition or illness. Please consult your doctor or the appropriate licensed practitioner before beginning any new exercise or diet regimen, especially if you are dealing with an existing or suspected condition that could be adversely affected. 

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